You've done it! You managed to plan the perfect family trip down to a scheduled poop. Then what? You're driving along and your child sees something that sparks their interest. What do you do?             
What started as a day trip to Hanging Rock State Park, for a short hike and picnic by the waterfalls, ended up with us diving into the lake with our clothes on. Afterall,  who packs swim gear when it's not on the ridged itinerary? My son saw those children splashing about, laughing, and having a gay ole time. His eyes lit up with delight. As we thought about the three trails we planned to attempt, we also thought about how swimming wasn't factored into those plans. Afterall, we hadn't packed swim gear. It was at that moment we looked into his eyes, looked at each other, shrugged, and made the right turn towards the lake. It was in that moment I learned to say "WHAT PLANS?"

I'm so glad we did. It was liberating, it was stress free, it was FUN! I've always been very spontaneous, but somewhere along this road of motherhood I've lost that edge.

Yup, we still took the hike...all 3 trails!
Yup, we still had our picnic.
Sometimes you have to ditch the plans and live in the moment as it comes.  Some people choose to live THROUGH their children, we've decided to live WITH ours.

For more breathtaking views of the waterfalls located within Hanging Rock State Park click HERE.
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I like makeup but I LOVE nail polish! With that being said, I didn't pick up any makeup from MAC's new Wash n' Dry Collection....yet. However, I did pick up this thing of a beauty that goes by the name of Washeteria. I'm a sucker for the teal/turquoise family. MAC describes it as a blue-green so we'll roll with that. Application wise, this was almost a one (thick) coater. Shown here with two coats and a top coat.

Did you pick up anything from the Wash n Dry collection?
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We kicked off our Memorial Day weekend at All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm. A first for our family but definitely not a last. All-A-Flutter was informative, educational, and fun for family of all ages. Check out my full review and a lot of pictures after the break.

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