Butter London: Knackered + Caviar Mani

Hello ladies, It's been a while but i'm finally moved and training is underway at my new job. Now being completely unpacked is a whole different story o__O, and I won't get into my lack of internet. This post is rather wordy but I have two different things going on here so walk with me.

So if you follow me on twitter (@nai1chronic1es) you saw me post THIS. Let's be honest there was one of each so of course they were BOTH sitting there waiting for lil ole me, right?
Ok enough chit chat on to the mani. So if you are on Pinterest or Instagram (HeavyRHOtation on both) you've seen the Ciate's Caviar manicures. Jen over at The PolishAholic tweeted the other day that you can get Ciate kits at Sephora soon for a whopping $25 dollars. Last Monday she blogged on how to get the caviar look for less. (click link)

Today I have my rendition:

For my base color I used China Glaze's Instant Chemistry from there magnetic line. I layered it with two costs of the beauty that is Butter London's Knackered. Knackered is a
purple/green duochrome packed with micro glitter from Butter London's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. It is rather sheer and best layered.

On to the fun, unfortunately I haven't hit the lottery so I still have to go to work otherwise I'd have a full ”caviar” mani. On the left hand I used the clear microbeads (found at Michaels)). They actually have a slight pastel shimmer to them which picked up everything Knackered was laying down. The results were outstanding. I used black beads on my right hand. I got sooooooo many compliments on my nails.

This will be a full mani soon. As Jen states its not practical or realistic to expect to wear this more than a day or two. I've worn this through the night and all day and it has lost quite a few beads. But it was fun while it lasted.

This is pretty pic heavy as I was trying to capture Knackered in all its element. What do you think? Will you be trying the ”caviar” look?


I actually used black beads on my right hand
Isn't knackered a beauty

Update: I actually did a full black on black "caviar" mani over the weekend and it's nothing short of amazing.

Have an amazing evening ladies :-)


  1. I recently broke down & ordered Knackered. It will be my very 1st Butter London polish & Im so excited! You did an amazing job on your caviar mani. Thanks for sharing

    1. OMG you wont be sorry you did. It, along with Bossy Boots, was my very first Butter as well and thank you