Im Attracted To You: Part One

Today I have the remaining three Claries/Icing Magnetic polishes in my collection. The magnets are located in the cap and decently strong.

First Up: This is a gold color with a greenish undertone and good mount of shimmer :-). The brush was HORRIBLE but I made it work. This one wasn't very opaque with one coat like the others but it's very pretty once its on. I As you can see on the pinky I used the 2nd cuticle rest option and turned the diagonals the opposite direction.

Second Up: This is a silver shimmery color. On 3 attempts I couldn't get a this booger to work:-( The brush on this one sucks too.

Third Up: this one is a purple/pinkish simmer. The brush on this one was pretty decent, go figure. The magnet created a cool wavy design. This one and the green are probably my favorites.

I still remain very impressed with Claire's rendition of magnetic polishes, especially for the price. I really wish they had named these but dah well... They sale for $8.50 and almost always on sale BOGO.

Tomorrow I will have Im Attracted to You: Part Two featuring China Glaze's Instant Chemistry and Pull Me Close

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