Im Attracted To You: Part Two

As promised here is magnetic polish part deaux. Let's just say this is the post that almost didn't happen. Today I have China Glaze's Instant Chemistry and Pull Me Close. After reading mixed reviews and having such success with my Claire's brands, I was going to forego China Glaze when they released their collection but I'm a sucka for sales. The 3 magnets/designs in one device also intrigued me. Plus they had these two colors not offered by Claire's. Well the polish is very pretty and that's about it. Either the magnet isn't very strong or I've sniffed too many polish fumes because I'm feeling real caveman like. See my disaster below

Instant Chemistry

Pull Me Close
I was able to get the diagonal and star to work on Pull Me Close by holding the magnet on for about 15-20 seconds (way longer than the suggested 5-10 seconds). The chevron design was a bust. On a bright note, both colors are a beauty so I will use them as a "regular" polish.  China Glaze magnetic polish is on sale at Sally's right now: buy 2 get the magnet free.


  1. 15-20 seconds? No matter mine weren't working...yours look great!

    1. Thank you but yeah I haven't got the patience..... not when my Claires magnets work in 5 seconds.