Special Delivery: Winmax Nail Sparks

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!!!!! Today I have polish sent to me from a very special friend who's living in Japan right now. I asked him for a certain polish that apparently is available inland so he started the search on the island and came up with these beauties.

I'm starting to think men do a better job at picking out polish than women. :-) Today I have two of those polishes to show you. The polishes didn't have any names on them. Its kinda funny because all the labels are written in Japanese but then it clearly states New York. Upon further investigation it seems as though these are available in the states.....at Japanese dollar stores. (Good luck finding those outside of California it seems) Anywho the pink is very soft with a hint of shimmer. It is very sheer and took 3 coats to achieve a somewhat decent opaqueness. Then I layered this beauty of a glitter on it. In the bottle the glitter appears to be pink and green (cruel joke by him) but honey does it come alive when it hits the nail. I saw pink, green, gold, purple!! With the reflection off my nail onto metal objects throughout the day, it was literally like a disco ball on my finger tips! What can I say, I'm a sucker for all things glitter! 

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