Wet N Wild Chrome Collection: Stay Outta My Bismuth

Wow, just wow! I'm waaaaay too old for the weekend I just had and I need waaaaay more recovery time than the universe will allow so helllllllloooo energy drink!

So anywho, I run into Rite Aid for some pretzels and I ran across this display for the Wet N Wild Chrome Collection. After the poor wearability of the Icon collection I was rather hesitant, so I only grabbed one. I choose Stay Outta My Bismuth based on name and my love of the blue green family.Stay Outta My Bismuth is a blue/green/aqua color with gold flecks. Very pretty.

Formula wise it went on kind of gritty but dried rather smoothly (go figure). You could actually get by with just one coat but I used 2 for the swatches below. In terms of chrome finish, I'm on the fence about that. The finish falls a little short of that mirror type shine you normally get with a chrome, but it does shine as I didn't use a top coat.

close up trying to capture the gold flecks (much more visible in person)

Overall, I really like this polish. It's a little more in price than your normal Wet n Wild collection and the bottle is smaller.


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