Wet N Wild Refresh-Mint + Nubar black Polka Dot + iKat

The fact that Friday Eve comes every week like clockwork let's me know theres a higher power! Just one more day until the weekend so hang in there. Today I have one of my new favorites, Wet 'n' Wild's I Need A Refresh-Mint.

I Need A Refresh-Mint is a seafoam creme that gives off a little more blue than green. Think Tiffany Blue and there you have it! It's a two coater with smooth application. The new mega last bottles do come with a wider brush so if you have smaller nail beds this could be troublesome for you.

I gave Refresh-Mint one top coat of Nubar's Black Polka Dots. Black Polka Dots contains black hexagonal glitter with fine black glitter in a clear base. Occasionally I had to place some of the hex glitter for a fuller look, but I love this as a top coat

probably the best depiction of Refresh-Mints true color

The new "rave" on Instagram are iKat nails, so I decided to give it a go! I absolutely love this look and wore a full iKat mani over the weekend.

back to the shorties

I simply love I Need a Refresh-Mint. At $1.00 it's a must have for any polish enthusiast.


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