Deborah Lippmann: Forget You

Happy Friday Eve!!!!!! *throws confetti* So If you follow me on Instagram you know that I recently acquired my first Deborah Lippmanns for an early birthday gift and my excitment level was on a 100 thousand trillon..........and that was before I even got it on my nail beds. So you can only imagine the jig I hit when I got this puppy on my nails.

If you are fimiliar with the popular DL's Happy Birthday, Forget You has that same glitter just in a black base. I love how the black doess't mute the glitter. Glitter packed is an understatement. Forget You has just about every color glitter available in the rainbow spectrum so I won't bother listing. Just take a look for yourself

Application wise, Forget You was a little thick because of all the glitter. This is 3 coats and a top coat shown here. As with all glitters, it was definitely a beast to removed so grab your cotton balls and foil for this baby!


It looks like a party erupted and landed on my nails! YES!!!!!!! You can pick up Deborah Lippmans polishes at Nordstroms or Nordstroms online.


  1. Really Pretty!!! Stopping by from the BLM Girls Facebook Group!

  2. This will be mine. Oh yes it will!

  3. This is a gorgeous polish! And yes it does look like a party on your nails! I have to have this.