Elixir Lacquers: Bad Kitty

Hi everyone! It's been a while. I will be trying to post more regularly as I really do miss posting. Follow me on Instagram (NailChronicles) as I am a chronic IG'er, borderline needing IG rehab. I think I may post more "nails of the day" (NOTD) looks here when I am unable to really sit down and write reviews. I don't know and I'm kinda thinking aloud so let's get into the polish!!!!

Today I have an indie polish from fellow blogger Nicole over at Elixir Lacquers. Bad Kitty is described as a "glassy purple with a striking teal shimmer". Its very soft, pearly type color. Its on the sheer side, so probably best layered over another color. Beware, when layered over black it's like a whole new. Pictures really do this polish no justice.

Application wise it was smooth although I found dry time to be rather lengthy even with a coat of Schece Vite. This is 3 coats of Bad Kitty, as it is rather sheer.

Bad Kitty is a limited edition polish which started out at 25 bottles. It is currently out of stock but keep checking the site, as Nicole is attempting to secure materials to create more. I'm really having a love affair with my indie polishes nowadays.

Direct Sun

Shade: You can really catch the purple/teal combo here


I absolutely love this polish. So subtle, chic, and captivating all at once. Hope you all have an amazing Monday!


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