Nail- Venturous: FLOAM!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I'm on the late bus but my life nor my alarm clock revolves around getting up for polish releases so I'm ok with catching that bus. With that being said, I FINALLY have my hands on Nail-Venturous's Floam!!Yes Floam, the stuff your childhood was made up of!

Floam is simply amazing. It has yellow, green, and blue matte neon glitter in a clear base. How the heck one pulls this off, I'm not quite sure but I'm glad she did.

Application wise, Floam is a little thick and takes quite a while to dry, even with a quick drying top coat. It's also a monster to take off even with the foil method but its well worth the headache. The ring finger shows 2 coats of Floam alone. I used OPI's Fly on the other fingers and for the chevron pattern.

I actually wore this for 4 days (which is a long time for someone who changes their polish alomst daily) And to think I was going to give up on ever owning this! Hmpf! You can find Floam and other great polishes from Nail Venturous over at Ninja Polish.


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