Ozotic 505 + Stamping

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

I'm excited about today post. It's been in cue for the longest and I've finally gotten around to pressing publish! Today I have my first Ozotic polish and let me just say its the things cotton candy dreams are made of!!!! I could NOT stop staring at my nails when I wore this polish.

Ozotic 505 is a multichrome polish that shifts from purple to blue to green/teal without having to hold your hand at a certain angle or throw up gang signs to get the full effect. It just happens!!!!!

Application wise, no problem. It is rather sheer and best used as a layering polish. I have layered it over black in the pics. I also did a little stamping over it using special polish in silver.

Warning: This post is very pic heavy as I just couldn't get enough of the polish.



Isn't it beautiful?

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  1. I love the purple color and the purple design