Comparison: Mermaid's Dream vs Sea Dust

Hi everyone it's been a while. Today I have a quick comparison of Deborah Lippman "Mermaids Dream" and Urban Outfitters "Sea Dust". it's actually my first comparsion on the blog. WooWhoooo! lol See if you can tell which is which?

Did you guess correctly?

The Look: The biggest difference between the two polishes is that MD has a more vivid golden base, while SD has a more muted, almost silverish base in some lighting. In the shade, SD is a light darker than MD. The glitter in MD is a light more densly packed as well.

Here's the bottle shot, pretty much the same right?

Application: MD is pretty opaque in 1 coat. SD is definitely a 2 coater.
Financials: MD will run you $18 while SD is usually 2/$8 or $5 for one.

glitter difference


Conclusion: There are subtle differences and they are subtle enough to not justify owning both (unless you get caught out of town without polish like me) I do prefer Mermaids Dream for its richer color and vibrancy.

Sidenote: Urban Outfitters has done a really good job at mirroring a few Deborah Lippmann polishes, if not head on dupes, so if you're on a budget check them out!

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