Deborah Lippmann: Mermaids Dream

Today's post is totally appropriate seeming as though I am fresh off my Birthday 3.0 trip to Miami. Mermaid's Dream is another Deborah Lippmann I got for my birthday, it screams ocean, and it is probably my favorite. Mermaid's Dream is from the Spring 2012 Resort Collection and is probably the first Lippmann polish that truly caught my eye.

Mermaid's Dream is a seafoam green with blue and gold glitter with larger blue hex glitter. I really couldnt stop staring at this polish when I wore it. Swoon!

Application wise, Mermaid's Dream applied with no problem but beware because it is VERY thirsty. Even with 2 coats of the thicker Seche Vite it was still asking for more.

taken with my camera phone which oddly captures true color better than my camera sometimes

I have wanted this polish for so long and I am in no way disappointed with the outcome. So thankful to good friends who make my "dreams" come Deborah Lippmann polishes can be found at Nordstrom's (store and on line), Neiman Marcus, and Lippmann Collection.

P.S. For my polish lovers on a budget, Urban Outfitters has a polish called "Sea Dust" which is VERY close to Mermaids Dream. I picked it up over the weekend, because I landed out of town without polish (blasphamey I know), so I will do a quick swatch and comparison soon.


  1. This polish looks gorgeous on your nails. I've been swooning over Mermaid's Dream for a while and one day I'm gonna break and buy it! Unless I come across that "Sea Dust" first :) Thanks for sharing that!

    1. Thank you so much and yes UO polishes are 2 for $8 and close enough not to splurge.

  2. A lot of buzz about this polish- I can see why! Very pretty. Thanks for sharing this!