Nails For a Cause: Pink and Puzzled

So I don't know how many of you watched Felix Baumgartner jump from space yesterday but as I watch footage all I could think is ”We can design suits to keep this cat from imploding and exploding in mid air but we can't find a cure for cancer??????” Sooooo, yeah, color me pink and puzzled.

Today's Polish Us Pink design is dedicated to my puzzlement. I used Layla Hologram Effect in Retro Pink and Zoya's Renee. This is a very simple design in which I will have a tutorial up soon.

Here's a few swatches of the awesomeness oh a holo, Retro Pink. See my earlier post for other holos from this collection HERE

Early detection of breast cancer can increase ones 5 year survival rate by 88-93%. Visit HERE to see the 5 steps to perform a self examination. You can also visit HERE for more information on early detection and survival rates.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday and don't forget to check out the other beautiful participants of Polish Us Pink below.


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