Day 28 Nail Challenge: Pattern

Happy Hump day ladies! A lot going on in my world so for those that are believers I'm asking for prayers of healing and strength. So today's challenge is: Patterns!!!! One of my favorite patterns is the argyle pattern wether it be a sweater, socks, or even my MacBook skin :-) So here it is.

This is my first attempt at this design and I'm pretty happy with the results!

I used China Glaze Sexy in the City, Julep Jessica (one of my faves, which I swatch and review HERE), and my trusty Milani nail art polish.

Annnnnd my MacBook!

What's some of your favorite patterns? Maybe I'll give those a try too. Ya girl is on a nail art roll!!!! Wooooo (Ric Flair voice)


  1. Hey Jen! BLMGirl here! This is so cute...I may just have to give this a try!

    1. Heyyyy! Always nice to see a BLMGal around here. I think you should give it a.go and don't forget to post your results!