NOTD: Needle Drag Technique

Hey, I have a second post for today. So I really wanted to participate in a nail challenge on Instagram this month but I honestly just forgot about it. Somehow I remembered yesterday sooooooo better late than never huh? Anywho today's challenge is "Brown". I describe how to achieve this look after the break.

I realized I don't own many true browns when I was doing Thanksgiving/fall nails and I actually had to mix polishes to make a real brown. Maybe I'll change that soon.

Anywho, I did a needle drag technique for this look. Basically you want to paint one coat of your base color, I chose China Glaze Midtown Magic, and let it dry. Then paint a pretty thick 2nd coat of your base color followed by a stripe of your accent color down the middle of your nail. Take your straight pin or toothpick and drag it from side to side, alternating sides each time. Voila! Easy peasy!!!

Let's hope I actually finish out the month. I mean it is only 4 more days right?


  1. This is a neat idea! I've never heard of the needle drag technique until reading your post, and I must say I now want to try it. I love how cute your nails came out =)