OPI: Pink Yet Lavender - Mariah Carey Collection

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I love me some Mariah Carey. I've been rocking with MC since she was running through the fields like she was one of the children of the corn in lil booty shorts. When I heard OPI had teamed up with Mariah for a collection I was, and have been, uber excited. I knew that would mean pinks and purples, and of course her infamous Pink Yet Lavender. Must be nice to make up a color and have New York City light the Empire State Building in said color. Anywho, enough of my stanning. The collection consist of 8 polishes, 4 "Studio Shades" and 4 "Stage Shades" I will have the "Stage Shades"/liquid sand portion on the blog for you tomorrow. I will also have the only other "Studio Shade" I chose (Sprung) up for you tomorrow as well.

I chose to layer Pink Yet Lavender over a 3 different polishes so take a look. Warning: this post is pic heavy under the hood

First off, Pink Yet Lavender is pink and it's glittah so of course I LOVE it. It contains larger pink hex glitter, smaller lavender glitter and scattered fine holo glitter in a clear base. SWOON!!!! No fishing for glitter with this polish either.

As soon as I got it I knew I would layer it over gray, as pink and gray are one of my favorite color combos of all time! So I busted out my favorite gray polish, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, and slapped 1.5 coats of Pink Yet Lavender on top of it.

direct sunlight

Pink Yet Lavender layered over Zoya Caitlin

Pink Yet Lavender layered over OPI Into The Night

direct sunlight

There's no top coat on any of these pics, mainly because I just forgot looking at all the sparkle. Supposedly this collection in supposed to be released next month but I found the display at my local Ulta this week.

Which one is your favorite look and will you be picking up any polishes from this collection?


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