Polish Days: Bling Bling

So I signed up for Polish Days hosted by the lovely Hannah over at Polly Polish and I've only managed to participate in one (until today). Polish Days is a day where nail bloggers around the world post creations based on a theme, on the same day, at the same time. Kinda cool right? This installment of Polish Days theme is BLING!!! I'm an ultimate girly girl so of course I love shiny things, including my nails!! *drum roll please*

I reached for an untried for this mani. I used OPI's Metallic 4 Life from the Nicki Minaj collection. Metallic 4 Life is a black base jam packed with different sized glitter. I'm on the fence of how I feel about it simply because it's so beautiful in the bottle but the glitter gets a little muted on the nail. Application wise I had no problems as the glitter flows freely. This is 3 coats shown here.

As far as this border, no self respecting, employed, mother should EVER attempt this. Time consuming is an understatement. If you have long nail beds and evenly shaped nails this is an amazing look but since I have neither.....eh!

I did use Elmers glue for the base so glitter removal was a breeze. Wooowhoo!!!

Anywho hop over to check out all the other amazing blinged out manis from around the world!


  1. prettyyy!
    i bet it took a whole lot of work to get the borders ;D

  2. It really shows me your "bling", great job & I love it so much <33

  3. Clever idea! Perfectly blingy for this time of year!


  4. I definitely love your take on blinged out nails the most it's different and I have never seen anyone do their nails like your spin!

  5. Ohmy, that's a ton of work, but it sure did turn out beautifully!

  6. What a good idea to make a frame with microbeeds! It looks very nice!