Splatter Mani Tutorial

I hope every had a blessed and fun filled holiday! I think the best present I received was my son getting his own tablet and me finally mot having to share my iPad!!!! Wooowhoooo!!! This is a look I wore over the Christmas season but you can use any array of colors to make it look not so "Christmas-y". I show you another look using teal and white below as well.

So lets get into the tutorial

What you will need:

-base coat
-2-3 polishes
-tape (optional)
-straw (I used one from a fast food establishment)
-top coat
-polish remover and q tip or angled brush for clean up
-protective newspaper or piece of paper to put underneath for splatter

Start with clean nails free of polish and oils. Then apply your base
coat and let dry.

Step 1) Apply your first color (you can also tape around your cuticle
for quick and easy clean up)

Step 2) Start with your first color choice and dip JUST the TIP of
your straw into your polish. You basically want polish only on the rim
of your straw. If you get too much polish on the straw it will look
more like globs instead of "splatter" (see middle finger in pic #2 for
an example of what too much polish creates). Hold the straw over your
nail and blow. Repeat until you get your desired look or amount .

Step 3) Take your second color and repeat Step 2

Step 4) Clean up around your cuticles and fingers using nail polish
remover (acetone works best) and a qtip or angled makeup brush. If you
used tape then just remove the tape and you should have very little
clean up to do. Then apply top coat. ( let the polish dry a little
before applying top coat as not to smear your design)

This is rather messy but quick, easy, and fun!

This is a design I did during September during PCOS awareness month so yes, you can use just one color even!

I will be retiring the colors red and green as I'm just so sick of holiday mani's. It was fun while it lasted though. Have a great Wednesday. I'll spend mine in the rain on the road headed home! Woopie #AllSarcasmEverything


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