Mmmm Nail Polish: Stupid, Crazy, Love

I'm assuming if you're reading this you survived Monday so take a bow. Between my aunts funeral and starting a new gig I have been busy busy busy! Today I have a, new to me, indie brand called Mmmm Nail Polish I found while perusing Etsy. Review after the jump.

Like I said I was literally searched "nail polish" on Etsy and ran across this brand. I chose 2 polishes for starters. One being Stupid, Crazy, Love. It's a coral/pinkish crelly packed with blue, red, and gold hex glitter, silver bar glitter, and fine gold and pink glitter.

Formula wise I had no problem with application and there was no shortage of glitter in each stroke. I was able to achieve full opaquacity in 2 coats. It does dry gritty but nothing a nice thick coat of Seche didn't fix.

The down side of this polish is the God awful smell. The website says 3 free so I'm not sure what caused it because it smells a like some of the $1 polishes I pick up in the beauty supply stores. I wore this for 3 day (yes a rarity for me) with no chipping (yayyy) however that smell lingered and is the main reason I finally took it off.

You can shop MmmmNails on Etsy HERE. I picked up another Mmmm Nails Polish that I will share with you all soon. I really want to like this brand, as the polishes are beautiful, but the smell is a definite detourent for me.

BLOGGERS: there is a list at the top of her shop that will give you a 25% discount if you buy and swatch the listed polishes there.

So what do you all think?


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