NOTD: Water Spotted Nails

So quick post. Today I'm wearing a new technique I discovered on ”cutepolish” YouTube channel. If you weren't fortunate enough to grab OPI's ”Spotted” you can now create the same effect. I give a quick description after the jump but definitely check out the video tutorial.

In a nut shell, paint your base coat, pour room temp bottled water into a container, drop a few drops of polish into the water, using a spray bottle and perfume, hand sanitizer, or hair spray,spray on polish until you get desired amount of spots, dip your finger, use a q tip to remove excess polish then remove your finger. Voila!
this was my first attempt last night. Think I like these best so far

I'll be practicing this a bit over the next few days so check my instagram (nailchronicles) for more picks. This technique is way easy but will take some practice to get the desired effect.

What do you think of this effect?


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