MANICure Monday: Daring Digits Strawberry and Strings

Heyyyy!!!!! So I type this as I'm in flight listening to a crying baby who's parents are just as annoying as the baby. So I come to my happy place....POLISH!!! I received my first Daring Digits polish a few weeks ago but honestly I've just not got around to blogging about them. Today that changes. Behold Strawberry and Strings.

Strawberry and String is a mix of pink hex, matte pink hex, and black bar glitter in a clear base. I have a love hate with bar glitter but in this case love is greater. Application wise I did have to fish for more of the pink glitter as the bar glitter is just so plentiful and attached to the brush like a calf to its mothers nipples. The only down side to this polish is that it smells awful. The smell did subsided for the most part within 24hrs. Below I show 2 coats over various polishes colors.

Over Finger Paints Lemon Sour

Over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk

Over Funky Fingers Minty Fresh

It made me think of the Arizona Tea cherry blossoms so I decided to drew up the accent finger a bit

Over plain white (I think wet n wild)

Although I love anything pink and gray, my favorite combo is Strawberry and Strings over Lemon Sour as that's what I envisioned pairing it with when I bought it. Pink lemonade right?

If you have Instagram or my Facebook friend I posted a swatch of Tshirt and Jeans but I will post it here as well soon. Daring Digits can be purchased HERE. Sign up for the newsletter for email discounts as that's what prompted me to buy.

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So what combo are you digging?

Addendum: my Ravens won the Superbowl last night so I'm on hiiiiiiggghhhhhh!!!!!!! RAVENS NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Loving all these swatches!!!!!

    Congrats to your RAVENS!!!!! Don't forget to LINK UP!!!!


  2. These all look great. My favorite is it over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk.

  3. oh i really love Strawberry and Strings! thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love the Arizona Tea recreation!