MANICure Monday: Weekend Round Up

I'm well aware that I post on Instagram way more than I blog. Partly because I'm lazy, partly because I'm usually on the go and it's just easier. So here's a look at designs I rocked this weekend. Individual pics after the jump.

"Gone Fishing": I started with a green/blue gradient, free handed the scales using a white striper, SH19 stamp for the fish, and a dotting tool for the fishes bubbles.

"Fun and Flirty": I did a saran wrap technique (paint a base coat, let dry, add your second color and dab with your saran wrap till desired look is achieved) on my index and pinky, Revlon Girly on the ring finger, and on the middle finger is a tape design (paint your base color, let it dry, cut a piece of scotch tape and fold in half, using scissors cut a half heart (like in grade school), unfold and place over your base coat then paint, remove tape while wet)

"Pucker Up": Milani Pink Out Loud with free hand lips. 

"Holo Hearts": using Zoya Storm and Layla Cosmetics Retro Pink and the tape technique described above

"Bling Bling": Glitter placement using glitter from Born Pretty and Milani silver striper. Tutorial for this look by The Nail Junkkie HERE

Which was your favorite look?

Being on a no buy really forces me to get creative. lol Anywho, hope everyone had a great weekend. Dont forget to check out my other ladies participating in MANICure Monday over at Mimi's


  1. You do post on IG alot, which I totally don't mind because I loveeee seeing nail art photos. I follow several nail girls via Instagram.

  2. Shoot posting on IG is so much easier and less time consuming. I don't blame you! As always I love your nails.