MANICure Monday: KB Shimmer Spring Collection Swatches

Happy MANICure Monday!!!! Sick child, parental unit visit, plays, birthday dinner/party, toddler basketball, basketball award ceremony.... honestly I'm pooped. Nevertheless I survived the past 7 days and a mini vacay is on the horizon so there is a rainbow at the end of this storm. Oh, did I mention we had fake snow in Atlanta this weekend? I'm delusionally rambling so lets hop into the polishes. Today I have my picks from indie line, KB Shimmer Spring Collection. This is KB Shimmer's debut on this blog so check them out after the jump.

I really wish time was on my side when I did these swatches because they are just meh., but I did the best I could between pushing fluids, making soup, and calling the doctor. I've had these for over two weeks and wanted to share with my readers in case you've been looking for that perfect spring polish. I won't be going into great detail about these polishes because the pictures do the talking (and I'm honestly just too tired). I'll just say these are my first Kb Shimmer polishes but they won't be me last. Me likey!

First up, Lottie Dottie. I layered this over a white polish to save on usage. It's nice to have some round glitter for a change.
Secondly, Spring Training. This is my 2nd favorite of the 3 I chose.

This pic actually sucks because I took it in my kitchen, but it shows a more accurate color of Spring Training
I saved my favorite for last, Where My Peeps. Everything about this polish made me want Peeps and there's no Spring without Peeps so perfect!!! Plus I just like yellow. Next time I will wear an undie with this polish as this is 2 coats and it could have easily use 1-2 more.

direct sunlight
Next to Fall, Spring is my 2nd favorite season and these polishes are perfect. KB Shimmer can be bought HERE.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I love the spring training color but the name "Lottie Dottie" made me start singing...a lottie dottie we like to party... LOL

  2. You ALWAYS have the best manis. No need to even get into all that... -_-

  3. U totally ROCK!!!!! Love, Love, Love all the polishes... *slightly jealous* side eye! Lol!