Fashion Fridays: Stripes

It's Fashion Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup on Monday! If you're reading this you survived Cinco De Mayo. I'll never understand why people who drink everyday get excited over a "drinking holiday", dude you already drink without cause. Anywho, on to the nails. I got this American Eagle shirt a while back and decided to match my nails to my shirt. I used the tape method to achieve straighter lines. I'll explain "how to" after the jump.

I've seen people achieve flawless chevron manis using this tape method so I've decided to give it a try. So here's what I did and I'll tell you what NOT to do

Step 1) Paint polish on scotch tape
Step 2) Let it dry completely (This can take some time or use a fast drying top coat)
Step 3) Now you're ready to cut your design from your tape (I chose straight strips)
Step 4) Place on your nail

NOW, what I did WRONG... I placed the whole piece of tape on my nails and went through the madness of cutting it. What you SHOULD do:

Peel the paint from the tape and place on your nail and use remover to clean up the edges.

I'll be trying this again and hopefully I'll get a cleaner look. If you have no artistic ability, much like myself, this is for you. Will you give it a try?

Polish Days on the blog tomorrow. WOOT WOOT!


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