Funky Nails: Yes We Are Collection Part 1

By now many of you know I have moved and in that move my nails took a beating. I've finally nursed them back to some type life and today I have 2 of the 5 polishes from Funky Nails "Yes We Are" collection to show you. I hoped to have them all ready for you but between packing, moving, still unpacking, and parenting...well there's only 24 hours in a day. This is Minnie's comeback collection from her last release and boy was it worth the wait. "Yes We Are" is a collection of shimmery top coats that can be used to transform any polish in your stash to something magical. Let's hop in! (This post is pic heavy, see more after the jump)

First up is Tantalizing, a shimmery purple/burgundy. I layered one coat of over Revlon Royal with no top coat. 

direct sunlight

shaded sun
Second, Bewitched, a shimmery gold/green. I layered one coat of Bewitched over China Glaze Ahoy. Swoon!

I then added one coat of Tantalizing to my Bewitched/Ahoy combo. I would totally suggest clicking to enlarge these puppies! Enough shimmer for you?!?!?!!!! :-)

For giggles I layered both over white and black. Pinky and ring finger: Tantalizing; Middle and index finger: Bewitched. Not much of an effect over white but both of these are stunning over black showing their true color/shimmer potential.

As I stated it's been a while since Minnie released anything from Funky Town and these top coats were a great followup to her debut collection. Application was great, only requiring one coat and no top coat. 

The thought of being able to wear one top coat over any polish in my stash and having a different mani daily excites me. How about you?

Funky Nails can be purchased HERE and retail for $10. Also follow Minnie's blog over at Funky Town because it's just so darn cute/

*product sent for review but all opinions therein are mine*

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