Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot Collection

Happy Friday Eve lovelies! Maybelline continues to produce unexpected, fun polishes with their Color Show line. The LE duo/multichromes remain some of my favorites polishes. They now have their "polka dot" collection. These are jelly based polishes that all contain the same black and white matte hex glitter in small and large. We all love black and white glitter right! Swatches and review after the jump. 

Pretty in Polka: Love pink? You'll love this one. This is 2 thick coats. Or you can use 3 thin coats.

Drops of Jade: 3 coats here

Blue Marks The Spot: This one was a little thinner than some of the other in this collection. This is 3 coats with VNL. I'll try an undie next time I wear this one

Dotty: This is 3 coats

Clearly Spotted: because you can never have too many black and white glitter toppers. Really, you cant! This is one coat over a pink gradient. For polishes used on the gradient see HERE

I've said it before and I'll say it again, these indie brands will have to continue to evolve because these store brands are on their hills. I've been burnt by a few indie brands lately so at half the cost and the ability to return them if there is a problem, store brands are looking mighty appealing. 

I found these at Walmart retailing for $2.97

What do you think about the Polka Dot Collection?

(P.S. My camera isn't working so you're stuck with these camera phone photos. Lo siento)

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  1. Whoaaa... I've said that before... I want to suppprt the Indie brands but it make it's hard when you are getting the same polish from the bigger brands in store for a fraction of the the cost!

    I'm loving these... thanks for sharing!