Review: OMG Nail Strips

We're in our last month of summer (insert sad face) which usually makes it a popular month for travel. If you're like me you dread dragging your polish bottles, polish remover, nail art brushes, etc with you on vacation. This is the very reason I've tried about 50leven nail polish strips and if you've been following me long enough you know I loath them all. Today's MANICure Monday features a new (to me) brand of nail strips from OMG. More pics and review after the break.

When the representative from OMG contacted me about reviewing their product I was given free reign of design choice. I went to the website thinking I'd have maybe 10 designs to choose from...#fail! OMG nail strips come in 50 different designs!!!! I finally settled on a splatter designs since you all know I love splatter manis... minus the mess. 

14 strips arrived in various sizes. The color on the strips were pretty true to color as seen on the website.

I haven't been a fan of nail wraps in the past because they seem to crease and/or don't usually stretch enough to cover my wider nail beds. I didn't have either problem with the OMG strips. Application was fairly easy using the instructions and tutorial found on their site HERE.
The instructions do suggest that you swipe across the nail with polish remover after applying to melt the strip to the nail for increased wear time. I did this to all but my middle finger, so I will report back to you all next Monday on its effectiveness and the strips overall wearability. 
While the nail strips do have a great stretch, I decided to leave my goof up to show you all what happens if you stretch them too much. This was totally human error and not the strip (See ring finger and learn from my mistake)
Overall I really liked how easy they were to apply. I still love my polish but it's nice to find a brand of strips I can wear when I go on vacation. 
OMG strips retail for $6.89 with free shipping HERE. You can also get 4 sets for $20 using coupon code "4pack". Follow OMG on Facebook HERE as they have a giveaway every month. 
What are your thoughts on nail strips and wraps?
Also, I'm linking up over at Shut The Front Door, Glitter and Gloss, and with my BLM Girls for MANICure Monday so be sure to check out everyones creations. Have a Marvelous Monday!
*these products were sent for review however opinions therein are my own*
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  1. I like the splatter pattern, very cool. I'm kinda torn now wraps--they're easy, cute pattterns, fun to make creative manicures with, but never seem to fit my nails right!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

    1. These are the first ones I've been able to get to fit properly without excess work.

  2. Jen this is so darn cute! And like you said so much easier since there's no clean up.

  3. The pattern is really pretty! Ive never tried the wraps before but im told they are great