Essie T-Bills Putty

Happy hump day!!! Quick post today. I've been using this beautiful neutral polish a lot lately so I thought I'd share it. This beauty is Essie T-Bills Putty. I picked it up, along with some other older Essie polishes from the Christmas Tree Store a while back for a whopping $2.99. T- Bills Putty is a little runny and takes about 3 coats but its worth it for such a pretty nude.

Fall happens to be my favorite season so I broke out some of my sequins from the Born Pretty Store and created the festive fall look. Now where's the rake? No seriously, I'm looking outside as I type this and where is the rake?

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Enjoy


  1. These look so cute! I think nudes/white nail varnishes are seriously underated, love the little sequin patterns! x

    1. Yes, I LOVE a good nude! Thank you for stopping by!!