Happy New Year!!

New Year, New Me! Yup I totally despise that saying. There will be no new me, just more of me. I've been thinking of what I want to do with my corner of the world wide web and I've decided I want to give you more of me. Yes I love me THAT much and you should too! Seriously, I'm so much more than my nails and at times I felt like I was being boxed in over here on my URL. But see, the keyword in that last sentence was MY, EYE was boxing myself in. My nails are often ice breakers when I'm in the community or conversation pieces when I'm on my travels so it hit me, thats what I want for my blog.

Nai1 Chronic1es will now be a place where polish, people, places, products, philanthropy, and my crazy adventures in parenthood meet! So let's chat it up! Wishing you all blessed and prosperous 2014!!!


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