Conservators Center

I'm well aware that we just celebrated Thanksgiving but travel back into time with me to Halloween. I really wanted to share this pretty cool place I discovered through Groupon with you all. The Conservators' Center provided my child and I an out of this world close up experience of some of the most intriguing animal we've ever encountered. Nestled in Burlington, NC, this place is sprawling with lions, tigers, lemurs, bobcats, binturongs, caracals, etc. More info, video, and the nails I wore after the jump.

The Conservators' Center is a non profit business. With its mission of "education, conservation, and rescue" many of the animals here were rescued as well as bred for conservation.

If anyone knows my child you know he loves zoo's and we visit the zoo in EVERY city we visit. Like I said, I discovered Conservators' Center via Groupon and since I knew we'd be in NC visiting for a while I decided this would be a great outing for us. It was close to Halloween so I went with the Family Howl-O-Ween tour. I got him dressed in his finest Halloween attire (yes a Ninja Turtle per his request o_O) and we made the hour and a half truck down the road.

When we arrived we were greeted with friendly faces everywhere. You can tell the employees really enjoy their job. They had face painting for the kids so my child was transformed into a turtle/cheetah hybrid, much to his delight. 

Then it was time to be grouped together and meet our guide for some preliminary rules. You know, those rules like don't stick you arm in the lions enclosure because we don't have time to stop this tour and ruin everyone else's experience because of your stupidity. Yeah, those kind of common sense rules. Ha! After that is was a 2 hours walking tour filled with close up encounters of some of the most beautiful species we've seen, and of course trick or treating. Our tour guide fed many of the animals so we were able to see the belly's and strength of some of the animals you don't see daily like this Cheetah. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable.

I won't go on and on with words because truly this place is indescribable. Check out some of the pics of the animals. All of these pics were taken with my Galaxy S4 camera phone, so yes you are THAT close!

(disclaimer: These are my first Youtube videos so go easy on me)

Because I don't visit the sub Saharan Africa savannas daily this is something I really wanted to share as well because I thought it was just so darn cool. This is video of lions chuffing on cue.

Annnnnnnnnnd of course nails were involved. I went with animal print (DUHHH) using Barielle Brown Sparkles, OPI Did you Ear about Van Gogh, and a random pink Color Club polish

Luckily for me I was unable to use my Groupon for the Howl-O-Ween tour so we will return (when it gets warmer). It'll be even better this time now that my son understands the difference between the zoo and the Conservators' Center. (Trust me that took some time, reading, and educating).

If you are ever in NC, the Conservators' Center is an amazing place to visit with or without kids. We learned A LOT!!!! If you are interested in helping through donations, online store purchases, adopting an animal, sponsoring an animal, becoming a member or volunteer, or it you just want to see all the awesome animals they raise please visit their website HERE


  1. I really miss it when my sons were younger and the zoo and of course Disney were their all time places.... Happy Thankful Thursday.