Nails and Product: Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curls

So it's MANICure Monday the remix edition on the blog today. Let me first start off by saying I am in no way, form, or fashion, a hair blogger so this may not sound as well put together as some of your favorite experienced blogger and vloggers you may visit. With that comes the freedom to write whatever the hell I want because I'm on no ones payroll or free product list. Which makes me just like the majority of my readers. So let's hop in.

I've long shied away from Miss Jessie's products, mostly because of the price and then other factors. I've been natural since 2005 and they were some of the very first products I tried. After much hype from a few blogger buddies I decided to circle back and give Miss Jessie's another go. They spoke so highly of Pillow Soft Curls and their hair always looks really nice so I decided to start there. Check out my full review and nails after the jump.

Wash day came and I got my hair all washed and conditioned. Since my mother blessed be with a decent grade of hair I can pretty much hit the wash and go with ease. My first reaction when I popped the top to my Pillow Soft Curls was It smelled heavenly.

I basically just fingered the product through my hair, scrunched as instructed and voila. So, what did I think of the product?

Let's start with the positives

  • It was on SALE at Target. What better time to try a new product than when it's on sale....or free!?!?
  • It smelled of all kinds of yummy goodness that lasted all day and I occasionally found myself crushing on my own hair. Ha!
  • It definitely maintained my curl pattern with minimal shrinkage
  • My hair didn't become crunchy. I wash able to finger some moisturizer through my hair on day 2 and I was right back like I never left

The negatives:-(

  • Considering the product is almost a lotion (vs. liquid or gel) I should have known it would be heavy, and it was. While my hair moved slightly when the wind blew, I definitely wasn't gone with the wind fabulous like when I use my go to product. 
  • It left some type of non visible residue/build up which made me cringe to touch my hair, just as I remembered with their Curly Pudding.
Another note, not positive or negative, the label boast of "larger expanded curls" I didn't experience this but, as stated before. it helped maintain/define my natural curl pattern.
no makeup, no face

Look wise, it did everything I needed it to do and I'd give it an A. Feel wise, I'd give it a D and unfortunately I'm one of those that touch my hair often. I've actually been using a SMALL dab of Pillow Soft Curls on my updo's and slick backs simply for the smell otherwise it would be another wasted 15 bucks or so. Since I'm no longer a product junkie I usually just chuck failed products so I'm happy to have found use with this one.

On my nails I attempted to created a woman with big hair. Meh! And for some reason when I think Pillow Soft Curls, I immediately think clouds. Go figure! The base is Lancome Ultramarine Green

Again this is my own experience and yours may be different. Feel free to share below as maybe I did something wrong. Also what are some of your natural hair care staples?


  1. I love how the pillow soft curls my my curls look but I agree it is def cant use too much of it or it will be hard to style

    1. I'm going to give it another try and maybe use a little less product even tho i didnt use much this go round

  2. LOL that GIF though...this is how i felt when I opened this deep Condish that I just got online from Hydrathermals I'm glad I saw this though I'm about to order some of their stuff online with this sale.

  3. I will have to check that out. I love anything that smells orgasmic