Nails and Sports: Wake Forest vs. Duke

It's Saturday, you know, that day made for college football!!! About 2 weeks ago I was invited to partake in the ACC dual of Wake Forest vs. Duke. Since I had no dog in the fight, I decided to rock neutral nails. On this great college game day I share the nails I wore with all you lovelies!

I used Barielle Brown Sparkles as my base, Loreal Jet Set to Paris, and Wet n Wild Black

Unfortunately for my inviter (Wake Alum), Duke was victorious on this day with a final score of 28-21.

The ACC championship is tonight and again I have no dog in the fight but I'm ready for some good football. Take the poll below and tell me who you're rolling with! Happy Saturday everyone!!!

Who is your pick for todays ACC championship game?
FSU (1)
Duke (20)
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