{Philanthropy} World AIDS Day with Paint Me Pretty: Status

December 1st is World AIDS Day and with AIDS affecting millions worldwide no better time than NOW to know your STATUS. Paint Me Pretty has dedicated a polish to just that, STATUS! Status is a fire engine red beauty. Proceeds from each bottle of Status sold goes to HIV/AIDS Awareness and Outreach. What better way to Paint Pretty for a good cause?


2 smooth coats of Status
For more information on HIV/AIDS, events, and awareness for World AIDS Day HERE. You can purchase Status HERE for $8.00. 

Disclaimer: Because I love my readers I want to save you from the casualty (and sadness) I had, I would request bubble wrap and padded envelope. I ordered 3 polishes and only 2 made it because they were sent in a regular envelope with no protection. I had to use polish remover to clean up the 2 that did come which is why this bottle now has no label.


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