{Parenthood} Mud Cup Recipe

Let me start this post with a disclaimer: I am NO food blogger so when I post these experiments recipes don't go looking for Eat Style and Play or Miss Foodie Fab quality pics. Get the take home message and roll with that. Ok? K! Now that we have that out of the way, today I have a first for Nai1 Chronic1es.....Food! Grab the recipe and more pics after the break.

Recently my sons school had a rip off, I mean fundraiser. After thumbing through that book for two weeks I finally forced myself on a cookie cookbook. Considering my son loves to help cook start projects, leave, then magically appear when the finished product is ready I figured it would be something I would actually use. Well after a few weeks of collecting dust, my son and I decided to dust that baby off and experiment for the holidays. Yup, we're THOSE people!!!

Of course my son gravitated towards a chocolate treat. These turned out really well so I thought I'd share with you all. I now present to you.... Mud Cups!

What you will need:

1 Package of refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1/4 cup unsweetenend cocoa powder
3 containers (4 ounces each) prepared pudding- I used instant pudding
1 1/4 cups chocolate sandwhich cookie crumbs- I used Oreos that my son crushed with a mallet
Gummy Worms (optional)

  • Let dough sit at room temp for 15 mins. Grease 18 standard 2 1/2- inch) muffin cups
  • Preheat oven to 350F. Mix the dough and cocoa in a bowl, beat with electric mixer at medium speed until well blended

  • Shape dough into 18 balls; press onto bottoms and up sides of muffin cups

  • Bake 12 to 14 minutes or until set. Grently press down center of each cookie with back of spoon. Cool in Pans for 10mins. Remove and place on wire racks; cool completely

  • Fill each cup with pudding; sprinkle with cookie crumbs; garnish with gummy worms
  • Watch you child dance (Good food makes you dance. You may have missed it at first read but it is written in the food laws)

As you can see, feel free to let your child top their cookie with whatever their heart desires. Welllllll, almost whatever. I drew the line at sprinkles and Hersey's syrup. These were surprisingly really light in taste (probably thanks to the unsweetened cocoa) and they were a hit with the kids!

*I got this recipe from Favorite All Time Recipes: Fun Stuff Cookies book

Cooking really is one of our favorite activities to do together. What do you enjoy doing most with your child(ren)?


  1. LOl thanks for the shoutout, but these pics aren't as bad as you make it out to be. Um...they looks delicious too! I dont have kids but I used to co0ok with my grandmother a lot. My favorite thing to make with her was her dinner rolls! she let me mix it and punch the dough...i had a little piece of dough to work with and make my own rolls, she's always make my initials and make them up for whatever dinner we had.

    1. I've yet to master biscuits and rolls. Such great memories to cherish for a lifetime