{Polish} Butter London Bluey

Good morning lovelies. Hopefully you all are a lot warmer than we are. I don't really do the elements unless it's Earth Wind and Fire of course. The elements have sparked some moments of boredom, which led me to flip through old pics on my phones SD card. I ran across this beauty and figured I'd share with you all. Behold the beauty that is Butter London's Bluey

Bluey is from BL's Fall 2011 collection. It is a rather sheer teal shimmer with the glass fleck effect I love so much. The only let down on this one is it requires 3 coats, which is odd for the usually well formulated Butter London.  It was definitely worth a share though.
It's the weekend so why not indulge in a little tune to set your Saturday on the right path?!?!? :-)
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