{Polish} Polished By KPT Nightcrawler

Well looky looky, the first Friday in 2014 *throws confetti and passes out sparkling cider*.  (Gotta keep it PG around here for my underage readers) So in 2013 thermal polishes were all the rave. Every indie polish maker under the sun tried their hand in creating a unique thermal combo. Well, Katherine at Polished by KPT was one of the first that EYE saw creating these beautiful polishes. I still wasn't sold on the latest trend (per the usual) until this beauty tip toed across my IG timeline. Shimmer, thermal, and DUOCHROME???? Where do I sign up!?!?!?!?!? How it works and more pics after the break.

What is a thermal polish?
Thermal polishes change colors based on temperature. At 86 F the color shift begins and remains as long as the temperature remains elevated. When the temperature falls below 86 F the polish will return to its original color. Two polishes in one, how cool is that right? I literally found myself watching for the color change alllllll day. Yes, I'm easily amused

I picked up two polishes from her shop and today I will be sharing Nightcrawler. 

Nightcrawler is  a blue/purple duochrome polish. In its warm state it's pretty sheer but very shimmery. Ooh lala! This is 2 coats.
Patience definitely paid off because my first thermal polish choice was a home run. Although the shop is currently closed Polished by KPT will be reopening soon with a restock and new polishes. 

What do you think of thermal polishes? Have you tried any?


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