{Polish} Zoya Godiva

Every once in a while the nail blogger community rants and raves over a polish like it's the next coming of the messiah. Since I'm not really into textured polish I've passed. During the Zoya 3 free promo I decided to take the plunge and I present to you the nail communities holy grail, Zoya Godiva.

Nope, not chocolate colored but that would have been dope right? What we do have is a delicious golden sparkly delight. 
Application wise this is 2 coats that went on pleasantly easy. Dry time was extremely quick which was a positive. I wore Godiva for about a week, so wear ability is amazeballs. The only downside to that, is because it is textured, it collects dirt (despite washing my hands like a crazy woman). So that beautiful sparkle dulls and the polish begins to look dingy after a few days. :-(

The next sentence is the very reason I started blogging. While, Godiva is an extremely beautiful polish it does Not. A. Thing. for my skin tone.  I basically lost my fingertips. Sooooo that led to a little nail art. The index finger is a sticker from Fing'rs (Wal-Mart), the middle and ring finger are stamped with Winstonia plate W102, the heart is free hand. Red polish used is Zoya America and the brown polish is Zoya Louise. I haven't stamped in ages so these turned out pretty decent. 

What polishes did you all pick up in the Zoya 3 free sale?


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