{Polish} MANICure Monday: What Can Striping Tape Do For You?

It snowed today for about 5 hours straight and we have NOTHING to show for it. Bummer right?! My son and his team did however win their first basketball playoff game tonight. Oh and I managed to get caught up on about 150 emails. MANIC Monday it was, BUT what better way to unwind than the inTOXICating fumes of nail polish!! 
I've been in a funk with nail art lately but don't fret, I'm no quitter, the trend continues. Bwhahaha! Seriously, when you just cant tap into your creative place reach for the striping tape and let the adhesive do the magic. 
What I used:
  • Butter London The Black Knight
  • Wet n Wild Black
  • Pink striping tape
  • pink flower jewels/rhinestones

Love the glitter in The Black Knight

Take a look at one of my most pinned pins on Pinterest using striping tape HERE

See how you can take your polish from zero to hero in .5 secs! Woot Woot!! You can buy striping tape just about anywhere nowadays. Brands like Fingr's and Sally Hansen have began stocking shelves with it, but your cheapest route is Ebay or Amazon. You seriously get like 10 different colors for like a dollar. We all love easy on the pocket DIY activities right?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!
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