{Polish) Super Bowl XLVIII Nail Art Mash Up

Today marks a very sad day. The Super Bowl for many is a great time for food, fun, fellowship, and football but, sadly it officially marks the end of the football season. I mean really, what else are Sundays made for? Considering my beloved Baltimore Ravens are not in the fight this year, I decided to create a design dedicated to both teams.
Polishes Used:
  • Zoya Purity
  • Zoya Louise
  • Sinful Colors Heavy Metal
  • JINsoon Rhapsody
  • OPI Did It On Em'
  • OPI Green-Wich Village
  • OPI My Back Pocket

S will you be pulling for the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos today? Or do you just not care and look forward to the extra 5 lbs your inner fat girl will rejoice?
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