{Polish} Valentine's Day Pink Chevron

Happy Valentine's Day to this wonderful community!!!! Since Valentine's Day is about love, I decided to go with the pattern I love the most, CHEVRONS!! 
Anyone who knows me knows I'm drawn to all things chevron. I used all Color Club polishes (sorry, no names), Butter London matte top coat and nail vinyls.
How To:
  • start with you base color and let is dry completely
  • apply you nail vinyl stickers in whatever pattern you desire
  • apply your second color (or create a sponge gradient like I did)
  • Remove vinyls (before you polish dries)
  • apply top coat and VOILA!!!
before I matted it
You can purchase nail vinyls at nailvinyls.com!
And for kickers check out my new love, Lola!!! My son and I created her yesterday. Ha! 
I hope everyone has a day filled with love not only today but everyday! 

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