{Product} Review: Keebler Simple Made Cookies

"High fructose is the devil", "That's not real orange juice", "There's mold in your 100% fruit juice", "Sugar will kill you at first bite"... leave it up to the news, the influx of medical shows, and self proclaimed health gurus we'd be eating wind for our best chance of survival. Oh wait, the air is polluted with cancer causing toxin, acid rain, and particles that cause infertility so it's not safe either.

I consider myself to be fairly healthy. I strive to eat fresh veggies and fruits everyday, but I will most definitely partake in the finest doughnut Krispy Kreme has to offer.  If I die young know I died happy! Yes I read labels. No I don't enroll in organic chemistry at my local college to decipher what the hell most of the ingredients are saying. Well Keebler is making is simple for the simple folk like you and I! Introducing Keebler Simple Made Cookies!

The Keebler® Elves have been busy baking away a new tasty treat in The Hollow Tree Factory, but truthfully, they could just as well have been hard at work in your kitchen. That’s because Keebler®Simply Made cookies are made with ingredients typically found in most cabinets. Though, we suppose your rolling pin might be a touch difficult to maneuver with elf-sized hands.
Baked with butter, sugar, eggs and wheat flour, Keebler® Simply Made cookies contain wholesome ingredients that you’ll feel good about serving to your family. With flavors like Butter, made with a hint of vanilla, and Chocolate Chip, which contains 100% real cocoa, it’s easy to treat everyone to great tastes.- Keebler
simple ingredients
I was very worried that a cookie so simple wouldn't satisfy my sweet tooth but I was wrong! They were absolutely tasty. I'm a HUGE texture person. I wont eat yogurt because it lingers somewhere between a liquid and a solid. Weird, I know! Texture wise, Simple Made cookies seem to be more "dense" but still crunchy. Even the "I'm allergic to anything that may be good for me" people at my parents household enjoyed these cookies. For my calorie counters, these will set you back 70 fat calories for 2 cookies. Not too shabby.


  • easily identifiable ingredients
  • delicious
  • "healthier" cookie choice for my child and his visiting friends
  • good texture
  • great for dunking (Yes this is important to my 5 yr old)
  • I didn't really detect the hint of vanilla in the Butter cookies
  • they're gone :-(

My pick: Keebler Simple Made Butter Cookies
My son's pick: Keebler Simple Made Chocolate Chip AND Butter Cookies (no shocker here)

We definitely prefer homemade cookies over packaged, but I will definitely keep a package of these on hand for visitors or when I just don't feel like turning on my oven. 

Keebler Simply Made Cookies are also Cookie Monster approved!

I haven't found these in my local supermarket yet, but you can purchase these cookies at Walmart retailing at $2.38 (per their website)

*these products were sent for review however all opinions therein are my own*

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