{Polish} Franken Friday

Do you ever get in the mood to shop but just can't find the right item when you look? This has been the story of my life lately with nail polish. I really love to support indie polish makers, but nothing has just wow'd me lately. Can't find it, CREATE it!!! It's been a while since I've created my own polish but this turned out pretty decent for a hiatus! 

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!!!

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  1. This is really gorgeous! I've wanted to try Frankening for a while but I was worried I would just make a mess and waste polish :/ do you have any tips on getting started?


    1. Thank you!! I basically start with my suspension base, add desired amou t of glitter if I'm using glitter (you can always add more if needed), add my pigment/mica, and shake. Adding more glitter or pigment until I get my desired look. Hope this helps.

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