{Polish} Product Review: Battle of the Fast Drying Top Coat

You ever been in a relationship that's "just okay" but you stay because it's familiar and you're just not sure what else is out there? Well yeah, same with my hair products, certain foods, annnnnnnd my fast drying top coat. I've been a long time faithful to my main man Seche Vite but is Underground Cosmetics "Quickie" making a strong bid to take over the main position? Check out what I thought of Quickie and a quick comparison of the two after the break. 

A fast drying top coat can be make the difference between doing your nails 15 mins before going to bed or spending half your evening sitting on the couch blowing your nails and wishing them dry and errrrrrr.....ummmmm.......
While Seche does dry my polish to touch within seconds, it also ages my mani about two days with shrinkage from hell! I've long been complaining about the shrinkage. It does such a good job smoothing out tough glitters and producing such a great shine, that I overlook the instant aging process. Yup, Seche is that dude that shows up with flowers after he knows he's made you mad as hell. 

There's always that one guy who can tell that something just isn't right in your relationship. Insert Quickie. Quickie is a fast drying top coat created by Underground Cosmetics. Long story short it does everything Seche does. It provided a quick dry without any tacky feeling, produced high gloss, didn't dull holos, smoothed out glitters and brush strokes, and NO SHRINKAGE!

  • Quickie was able to smooth the glitters of Pretty n Polished Tart

  • Quickie didn't dull the holo effects of Zoya Aurora or Storm.

  • Quickie provided a high gloss to an otherwise dull Rescue Beauty 360

  • I literally did my nails 10 mins before leaving out the door. This is one coat of Quickie over China Glaze Sexy In the City.

The only downfall is that much like Seche, Quickie has a very strong smell. I haven't used Quickie long enough to report on how well it will maintain its fluidity, but if you use Seche you already know you better have the polish thinner nearby about halfway through the bottle. I'm praying Quickie holds up to the very end. 

VERDICT: I think I have a new man in town. I love Quickie! It provided me everything I loved about Seche Vite and omitted everything I loathed about Seche Vite.

Quickie retails for $10 and can be purchased  HERE. All Underground Cosmetics are handmade! Aso, follow them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/undergroundcosmetics and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Underground-Cosmetics
Disclaimer: Products provided by Underground Cosmetics. All opinions herein are my own 
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