{Product} Review: Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor

When you have sensitive skin like mine, no one razor is the same. I'd love to be able to run into the dollar store and grab 100 razors for a dollar, but thats just not my reality. In light of over sharing, in the winter months I avoid shaving my legs like the plague because of my sensitivity. I've gotten a little better since switching over to an electric razor but summer is coming and the beach is calling my name. I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care razor. Being a disposable razor I was a little skeptical. As always, I have an opinion. Find out what it is after the jump. 

Schick says this of their new Hydro Silk Sensitive Care razor:
"If you’ve got sensitive skin, it’s time to start looking for more from your razor instead of settling for quick fixes. But if you’re going to treat yourself to quality, where should you start looking? Only Schick® Hydro Silk® Sensitive Care® razor has Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Serum infused with Shea Butter, hydrating your skin longer than any other razor—for up to 2 hours after shaving, so how about there, for starters? If that’s not enough for you, the 5 Curve Sensing blades with unique Skin Guards that help protect your sensitive skin from irritation should seal the deal."
So what did I think?

Design: You really can't beat 5 sleek blades. In my opinion anything more becomes a little bulky. The flexibility of the head really helped navigate the curves around the ankles and knees. Also, the handles design is perfect for those of us who hate trying to grip those little handled razors.

Hydration: The strip itself it relatively small so it allowed for a closer shave. The moisturizing serum released from this razor keeps going and going and going!! It's the truth! Normally after one to two use, the moisturizing strip is only fit for the Nevada desert. I've yet to change blades and it's still moisturizing. Normally when I'm done shaving I'm itching and scratching like I've failed to properly wash myself. I wouldn't say the moisturizing effects lasted 2 hours but I did notice I wasn't hitting the 100yd dash to my lotion bottle.

The Shave: Honestly, I didn't even think the razor was working initially. It was that smooth! Even after 3 weeks of not shaving (don't judge me just refer to the pic o_O) this puppy removed all the hair and gave me a very close shave!
Cost:  The Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care razor retails for about $7-8 at Walmart with replacement heads retailing for about $15 for 4. If you shave daily, I'd suspect this razor would last you about 1-2 weeks

THE VERDICT: Anything that doesn't draw blood is a win in my book. This razor delivered everything it said it would, a smooth, moisturized shave.  I'll definitely be purchasing some replacement blades
  • Gradient nails inspired by the packaging using Sinful Colors Strapped, Wet n Wild White On, and Sparitual Shoot For the Stars.

Which do you prefer disposable or electric?

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