{Polish} Bliss Polish Bottle Service and VIP

Tomorrow is Easter and I had great intentions on having some cute little pastel bunnies and eggs up for you all to gawk over but I'm just not in the mood for nail art lately. What I do have for you is equally as great and my first encounter with indie brand Bliss Polish. Without further ado, here's Bottle Service and VIP! Yes, I chose them solely off the names! *cue ratchet music* I mean what's a VIP section without Bottle Service duhhh? Perfect for the weekend right?? Ha! More pics and my review after the break.
First up, VIP! The website describes it as:
 A lilac purple with a mix of lavender, gold and garnet micro glitters.
It's a little darker than lilac but beautiful nevertheless.

Application wise, I had no problems with this polish. This is 2 coats topped with Underground Cosmetics Quickie fast drying top coat.

Love the mixture of glitters in this one.

The second polish I picked up with Bottle Service. The website describes it as: 
A bright blurple jelly with various lavender, purple and fuchsia multi size glitters. with whitish silver flakes that dries to a matte finish.
The description is pretty spot on, my pictures are not. Purples are a pain in the derriere to photograph. The last picture is crappy but totally accurate so keep scrolling.

Application was pretty good. Make sure the first coat completely dries to prevent dragging. I had to do a small amount of glitter placement with this one. This is 2 coats topped with Underground Cosmetics Quickie fast drying top coat.

While the pictures above show the awesome squishyness (yes, I just made that up), the  picture below is a more accurate depiction of VIP's true color. You can also see more of the color shift of the glitter and the micro glitters better in this pic. 

Bottle Service was hands down my favorite. In the sunlight it's simply stunning. You can purchase Bliss Polish HERE and retails for $8, however it seems as though most of her inventory is sold out at the moment, including these two beauties. 

Which is your favorite?
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  1. I don't know why, but I'm getting back into shimmer like this. I used to not be able to stand it!


    1. I love all things glitter!! I'm staying to lean towards more subdued glitters though.