Wine Please: RayLen Vineyards

Well now that we have that out of the way, and we have entered a judge free zone, because I'm clearly looking out for my health. let's discuss the beauty that is RayLen Vineyards.

RayLen Vineyard is located in Mocksville, NC and part of the Yadkin Valley Wine Trial. What most don't know is that prior to Prohibtion, North Carolina was the largest wine producing state in the country. I stumbled upon this particular vineyard through Yelp reviews, (yup, my go to city guide Bible), and they did not disappoint. 

RayLen offers wine tastings: Reds- $6, Whites- $6, or both along with a few reserves for $10. There's no secret as to which I chose. Give me all the grapes! James was very knowledgeable in helping us decipher the different taste, grapes, and blends during the tasting. An added bonus is that you get to keep your tasting glass as a souvenir. (sorry about the smudge marks, those are smudges of love).

They also sell a few other gifts. I wish I could share the glass I bought but since it's an upcoming birthday gift womp womp!

Our favorite was the Yadkin Gold and of course the signature Category 5. So we grabbed a few bottle for home. Next time we go we'll definitely pick up a bottle and hang out in one of the rocking chairs overlooking the vineyard. I also hear they have some pretty kick azz events on the grounds so I'll have to check one of those out soon. Like Friday soon, for the Sunset Music Festival. :-)

For more information of RayLen Vineyards visit them HERE and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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  1. I see you with those bomb ass pics from that new camera doh!

    1. Woot woot!! Thanks, so much more to learn though

  2. Thanks so much for your positive blog! We're glad you joined us and had such a great experience here. We strive to give our customers the best possible tasting experience with the wine and the atmosphere. I hope you'll visit us again soon.