How To Right A Wrong In The World Of Nail Art

So we've all seen that super easy YouTube tutorial and thought easy breezy. We get all the products and materials together and sit down to recreate, only to end up with a result that lies somewhere between I had too much wine and my child did it. Well don't grab for that polish remover just yet. It can be salvaged by A) calling it abstract art. After all, who can argue abstract art? B) blaming it on your child and claiming them to be the next big abstract artist extraordinaire. After all, you cant argue abstract art and kill a child's dream. That would make one a horrible person. C) Add glitter (my personal favorite) or D) Stamp over it. Lets visit choice "D" today.

So, I've been seeing this dry brush technique floating around for a while. I'll admit, I haven't seen any results that have just blown my socks off, but I thought I'd give it a try to prolong a current mani. Basically with the dry brush technique you get as little polish on the brush as possible and stroke it across your nail. Take a look here:

Easy right? Well, it is easy just not cute (in my opinion)! Here's my results:

Here's where I turn into the Olivia Pope of nail polish! I whipped out my Winstonia nail stamping plate (W111) and my ELF Dark Navy polish and I got to "covering up" the eye sore. 

Voila! A mani I can live with for another day! Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

What are you favorite ways to cover up bloopers?
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  1. LOL @ the Olivia Pope of nail polish. The end result came out really nice.