Candy Corn Cupcakes

Often times I sit back and ask myself "Self, how can you claim Fall to be your favorite season when you hate everything that represents it?" Well self is a little presumptuous, I just hate all things pumpkin flavored and candy corn but sign me up for boots, blazers, and crisp mornings. When I think of candy corn, I envision chalk and sugar dipped in food coloring and somehow I've managed to produce a son who adores this seasonal failure. Last night we ventured into the kitchen for some baking fun and created these easy, fun, and festive cupcakes. Found out how you can recreate these tasty treats after the jump.
I found the idea HERE at The Sugar Turntable. Full recipe available there. The only thing I changed was actually crushing up candy corn and stirring it into the icing with its respective color for the actual candy corn taste.

Warning: I used whipped icing which makes the colors run together a little when cutting the finished product. If you plan on cutting them open for decor, I'd used a thicker icing/frosting or put them in the fridge for a short period to stiffen the icing. 
We had a little cake batter left so the kiddo created a web cake to share with his friends. Basically you frost you cake, pipe 4 circles of your second color onto the frosting, then use a toothpick to drag your circles....much like the needle drag nail art technique. 
I wasn't brave enough to taste the finished product, due to the presence of candy corn, but the kid was happy and that's all that matters as a mommy right?
After polling my Facebook friends, it seems as those the love for candy corn is about half and half. How about you? 
Disclaimer: Remember, I am not a food blogger so food photos will never be fancy over here. Get the take home message and go forth and create. K? k! Muah
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