Strawberry Picking in North Carolina: Ingram Farms

Spring is here and when you live in a state that boast with mountains, beaches, and everything in between there's so much to look forward to. Last year we discovered strawberry picking and my son is already ready to hit the fields. We visited a few farms last year with Ingram Farms being his favorite. Hop in to find out why! *Disclaimer: This post is pic heavy*

When you arrive, head inside to grab your bucket. Then head towards the tractor that will pull you in the wagon to the strawberry fields. This was the kiddos first tractor experience so the ride alone was enough to warrant an audible "oooo cool." Once you're up top it's time to pick. There's no shortage of bright, red, juicy strawberries to choose from.

It's really fun for all ages, especially the little ones.

Let's face it, even the Pope couldn't resist this type of temptation! 

Once you've gathered all your strawberries, head back to the wagon to return to the store. Do NOT do what we did and assume that the amount shown is A LOT of strawberries. We ate more than half before we even got home. Greed or good, you be the judge! Actually, don't judge us! LOL

If you arrive and have to wait a little while before heading to the fields, there is a small area for feeding some of the smaller farm animals. THIS was the selling point for my child. No other strawberry farms we visited last season compared, because they didn't have animals.

There's also a snack shop where they sell homemade strawberry delights. Being the rebels we are, we chose different! HA!

So there's a few things you should know before heading out to your local strawberry patch:

  • Wear sunscreen or a sun hat. It gets hot!
  • Get an early start
  • Don't go hungry (see child above)
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting a little red from strawberry juice as there will be strawberries dropped and stepped on along the way
These pics were from our visit last Spring so I cant remember how much our little bucket cost but I do remember it being very affordable. You also have the option to purchase pre-picked strawberries. For more information on Ingram Farms click HERE.

To find other NC strawberry farms closer to you click HERE!

One more time for my strawberry nail art!!!! :-)
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  1. YUM!! We LOVE strawberry picking!

    1. We've grown some of our own this year but we'll return just for the experience. So fun!

  2. I think I am going! I love strawberries and have never been!

    1. It really is a lot of fun and so much better than store bought berries

  3. I think I am going! I love strawberries and have never been!

  4. This sounds like SO much fun! I love this time of the year when we can pick our strawberries. This farm looks amazing & I really like the wagon ride. Your nails are super cute & perfect for that day! FUN! :)

    1. Yes, the animals and wagon ride is what set this farm apart from some of the others. Thank you!!

  5. How FUN! I've been strawberry picking a few times with my job as a staff retreat event. I have yet to take the kids but, we've been to the pumpkin patch in the fall, also visited the corn maze and a few farms. I'll get them to the strawberry farm soon. I love your nail art!